java temporary internet files google search engine behind TMG RRS feed

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  • TMG 2012 installed on windows 2008 standard

    I am stump to resolve this issue.

    Issue is when any clients browsing google search engine it works on first tab of browser.

    Second tab of browser can open google search engine and stuck to search any search content.

    Temporary internet folder creates some java files. After I delete java temporary files from temporary internet folder open and close browser it works again only on first tab of browser.

    I have tested on three browsers IE, Chrome and Mozilla and they all have the same issue

    I have tested with Proxy and without proxy google search engine cannot search on second tab of browser

    This is happening on all clients PC same network. Issue started few days ago with changes no TMG or network.

    TMG log trace showing the google search engine successfully passed

    No errors on local system event logs on creating issue

    Attached picture google search engine with no content to search

    Muhammad Mehdi

    Saturday, October 31, 2015 12:13 AM