Deploy OS on server with multiple volumes fails to boot to OS after reboot RRS feed

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  • When using a standard server tasksequence template there's only one Format and Partition Disk in the New Computer Only section (for disk with index 0). When I deploy an OS to a server that has multiple volumes (a VM with two disks or a server with two logical volumes) the server won't boot to the OS after a reboot, even though the OS was deployed succesfully and an active partition was created. Apparently after the reboot the server tries to boot from disk 1. This disk is not formatted so the server will PXE boot.

    I guess I could create extra Format and Partition Disk task sequence items for extra disks but that will probably result in warnings/errors deploying to a single volume server. I could add an IF statement to the steps but there's no OSDDiskCount variable (that I know of) like there is for OSDAdapters. I guess I can use a WMI query to check if a disk/volume exists so I'll get this up and running eventually but mostly I would just like to know why this behaviour occurs. Why does the server try to boot from the unformatted volume instead of using the active partition?

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    Wednesday, July 17, 2013 8:07 AM