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  • Recently my laptop died.  Like an idiot, I didn't back it up.  The only thing I have on it that I cared about was my photo album.  I took it to my local repair shop thinking the hard drive was fried.  He said the good news is the hard drive is fine but it had a critical motherboard failure and it would be more expensive to repair that than to get a new one.  So I purchased a new Windows 7 laptop and the hard drive dock to transfer my old files from the Vista Home Premium hard drive.  I plugged it in and the new laptop recognized the drive, but it's telling me I need to format the drive to access the information.  If my memory serves me right, formatting the drive will erase everything on the drive which defeats the purpose of buying the hard drive dock in the first place.  Will a Windows 7 64 Bit OS recognize a hard drive formatted on Windows Vista Home Premium in order for me to remove the files and how do I go about doing it?
    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 12:46 AM


  • Hi,

    Windows should always be able to read a hard disk that has been formatted under pretty much any version of windows. The reason you're getting this problem is that windows has trouble identifying the file system on it. This indicates that there's a small chance of data corruption.

    Sometimes it's not all that bad as it first looks though, a simple reboot could already solve it. Or what also might help if to connect the drive while the system is already powered down and then boot the pc/laptop with the drive connected. Another option is to directly connect the hdd to the mainboard, if your laptop only has 1 drive bay this might be an issue, but connecting it to a regular desktop should work just fine.

    If in all these above scenario's you still get that error, you should contact the shop where you brought the laptop. And ask them thoroughly about what they concluded when looking at your laptop. What kind of test did they perform to check if the HDD was intact? Did they connect it to a computer and simply see it was identified correctly, or did they also manage to see the drive's content from within an OS? Did they perform some kind of diagnostic tool to check the HDD's status? It's actually even possible that by mistake they caused an error in on your drive that causes the drive not to be accessed from windows right now.

    If the drive is still in good shape, then you have software recovery options available to get the data off it. An example would be GetDataBack for NTFS another example would be  Easeus's DataRecoveryWizard. There are many software suites available for this, however most of them all cost money to enable full features, such as no limit for the amount of data that can be recovered. The cost to buy the software, is often similar to the amount charged at a local computer shop to do this very same thing for you. The golden rule to always follow with this approach is that you do not write any data to the disk you are trying to recover data from, doing so will guarantee you with data loss, might be insignificant data, but it also could be just as well your pictures.


    Kind regards,

    Stephan Schwarz.

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    Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:04 AM