What is DataCollectorSvc.exe on SBS 2008 and why is it consuming 3 GB of memory?


  • This seems to be some process related to SBS monitoring, which instead of monitoring keeps killing the server's performance. Over the course of several days, the DataCollectorSvc.exe process will balloon to consume such a massive amount of memory that the server will start thrashing/paging. If the process is killed, performance returns and the process eventually restarts itself.

    It didn't always do this. It just started happening one day. It's a pretty vanilla SBS installation--no custom software, just the regular Windows updates.

    The Event Viewer shows nothing interesting. Any other ideas of places I can check for logs? Thanks!


    Thursday, October 21, 2010 9:25 PM


  • It's part of the SBS Monitoring and Reporting module:

    Question: how much memory do you have on this server? Although minimum requirements for SBS 2008 may say 4GB, we have found that 8gb is preferable for a production system.

    I would suggest running the SBS 2008 Best Practices Analyzer and make sure everything identified in the BPA are addressed. Then, if you are using WSUS on your SBS server, go into the WSUS Console (not the SBS console) and run the WSUS Cleanup Wizard.

    One trick: the cleanup wizard shows a list of tasks to do, and by default all tasks are checked. Instead, I suggest to uncheck all of them and then run one task at a time, as some tasks may take awhile to complete. Also, for whatever reason, I start with the last task first, and then slowly make my way up until I have run all of the cleanup tasks.

    -Kevin Weilbacher (SBS MVP)
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    Thursday, October 21, 2010 11:44 PM