WinRAR 64-bit

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  • This article describes one method that you can use to sequence WinRAR x64 for use with Microsoft Application Virtualization. The method that is described in this article is not the only possible method. Additionally, you may have to adapt the information in this article as appropriate for your particular environment.

    Application Name: WinRAR 64-bit

    Application Version:

    Company Name: RARLAB

    Sequencer Version: 4.5

    App-V Client Version Tested On: 4.5

    Operating System Sequenced On: Windows Vista SP1 x64

    Client Operating Systems Successfully Deployed To: Windows Vista SP1

    Posted by Microsoft Employee: Elsie Nallipogu

    Steps to Sequence the Application:

    1. Launch Sequencer wizard
      1. Package Name:  WinRAR_X64
      2. Package Description: VistaSP164 – Build
      3. Keep the Block Size as 32 KB.
    2. Click on Begin Monitoring.
    3. When prompted, select the package root directory on the Q: drive that was used for the application installations. Create the directory WinRAR.vs1.
    4. Once stop monitoring is enabled run the installer setup.exe of \WinRAR\wrar380.exe
    5. Install the program in Q:\WinRAR.vs1.
    6. After installation is done click stop monitoring and complete the wizard.
    7. Go to the FileàSave… menu of the Sequencer, save the package.


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