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  • Setting up server 12 on Evaluation machine to see if it meets our needs, all is well except for setting up DA, my skills are limited so maybe a quick fix, this is a Fire Department network and I am the IT ( Ya Right ), anyway thinking of using this OS on a remote network we call an EOC, Emergency Operations Center. Tested all our applications that we use OK, during DA setup right at the end receive this message:

     Unknown Host ??

    not a clue

    any help would be great.



    Thursday, April 11, 2013 6:23 PM

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  • Without more information about what stage you get the error and your environment, it'll be hard to troubleshoot that. However, I wanted to throw out a note here with my contact info because of the organization you are with. Obviously Fire and PDs have important uptime requirements, and I recommend that you take care with the installation of DA. I have installed for PDs before and once you have something like a continuously-"on" connection in squad cars (or wherever you are thinking of having the client machines in your environment), it's important that it gets setup correctly and that you always have availability.

    I'm trying not to get "sales-y" because that's not my role, but there are OEM builders of DirectAccess appliances out there that are built to run DA better than any regular server you can throw at this. And I know your description doesn't say specifically, but please don't let a VM be your production solution for DA. I have seen too many problems in the field.

    If you're interested in more on that, feel free to reach me directly. I come to the forums to help, not discuss the company I work for, but the emergency/support departments have special needs that I like to make sure are accounted for.


    Monday, April 15, 2013 3:46 PM