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  • Hello,

    I need some help with Powershell commands.   I have two physical disks that have failed in StoragePool and both drives were physically removed. I attempted to remove them inside of StorageManager and stopped <1%. When I pressed the remove drive button, the following error came up:

    I added an extra drive as suggested and no change.  

    So, this is what I tried to do from as suggested from other forums:

    1. Open PowerShell in admin mode (PowerShell ISE is better)
    2. To get the names of the disks, type the following command:
    3. To get the names of the virtual disks, type the following command:
    4. First mark the disk you want to remove as "retired" by the following command:
      Set-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName 'PhysicalDiskXX' -Usage Retired
    5. Now your disk is mark to be removed.  You need to rebuild each of your virtual disks with the following command:
      Repair-VirtualDisk -FriendlyName 'My Virtual Disk'
    6. You can monitor the progression of the process by typing the following command:
    7. Once everything is done, just remove the disk from the pool with this command:
      Remove-PhysicalDisk -FriendlyName 'PhysicalDiskXX'
    8. That's it!

    When I tried to run the repair command, it started but would not get past 0%.

    When I use the command get-storage job, it says Server-repair True suspended.

    When I tried to remove the physical disk it says the following:

    I was able to rename the drives and fully optimize them all, however; when I go into disk management and try to bring the drive back online, it says "The disk is offline because of critical disk failures". Obviously when I try to click bring disk online under Storage Management it doesn't work.

    I have re-installed windows hoping that it would fix the issue but it has not. Any help would be very appreciated.  I have no access at all to the drives.  Even read-only for now would be fine.  

    I am a very novice user when it comes to Powershell. I have attached a picture of storage spaces.


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