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  • DMP 2010

    OS: Server 2008 R2

    Tape device: Quantum SuperLoader 3

    Hi there,

    I am new with DPM. recently I received the alert below:

    "Backup to tape failed"

    When I look at "View Detailed Errors", I can see the message below:

    DPM could not reserve the drive resource because one of the required drive resources is not online or it needs cleaning or servicing, (ID 24052)

    I found the instruction below to find which drive needs to be clean

    But when I run it the output tells me no drive need to be clean.

    Please help

    Thank you in advance for your time


    Wednesday, February 6, 2013 3:52 PM

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  • Hi,

    Please download and run the DPMtapeLibraryCompatibilityChecker tool from the following link.

    For tape library

    Run the following command to list the libraries attached to the system:

    DPMLibraryTest.exe /Certify /LL

    Run the following command, where \\.\Changer# is the symbolic name of the tape library to test from the output of the /LL command.

    DPMLibraryTest.exe /CERTIFY /TL \\.\Changer0 /ST 1 2 4 5


    Description of the tests.

    Test 1: Basic Configuration
    This test will scan your system for attached devices. It will identify the libraries and the stand-alone drives attached to your system and give you a summary of what it finds. For each device, you will see a Device Name, Serial Number, Vendor Name, Product Name, Firmware Revision and SCSI properties.
    At the end of this test, the user must verify whether all the information as seen by the tool. If the information is incorrect, check the following:
    • Check if all the devices are listed in Device Manager.
    • Ensure that the drivers for the devices are up-to-date.
    • If the drive mappings are incorrect, use the DPMDriveMapping.exe to correct the mappings. If you do not have DPM installed on the computer, copy the DPMLA.xml that DPMDriveMapping.exe creates to the folder to which you extracted the Tape Library Certification tool.

    Test 2: Mount/Dismount
    This test will pick a tape from the first available slot and perform a mount/dismount of that tape to/from a drive.

    Test3: Drive Cleaning
    A cleaner cartridge in needed for this test to run. Please read the pre-requisites section for this test. If you are using Firestreamer or a VTL where you cannot remove/change tapes, please use the /ST flag of the tool to skip the cleaner test.

    Test4: I/E Media
    This test will pick up the first available tape and move it to the I/E port and back. If your library/VTL does not have I/E ports the tool will automatically skip the test.

    Test5: I/O
    This test will pick up the first available writable tape and write a few buffers to it and try reading what is written. The purpose of this test is only to check for reading/writing ability.  Any specific/transient errors in any drive have to be inspected using the Advance Mode.
    This test will overwrite information in the tape. Ensure that the first available tape does not have important data on it.


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    Wednesday, February 6, 2013 10:05 PM
  • Hello Mike,

    Thank you so much for your reply. I will try your recommendation. And will mark your instruction as asnwer if worked for me.

    Thank you again


    Friday, February 8, 2013 12:29 PM