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  • Nice product, but after a few months of using IPAM it is clear that it is not quite what we need. Maybe the next generation will smooth over the issues we've had with it.  We're small enough that a lot of the benefits are lost. 

    In any case, I'd like to remove IPAM from our domain properly.  (Suggestion: provide at least a little bit of information on how to uninstall something when you write all that installation documentation).

    So far I have gone into the IPAM console and "unmanaged" the three DNS and/DHCP servers involved.  These leaves the "recommended Action" of "Block IPAM Access".  That also removed the servers from the relevant GPO's.  As I used GPO to grant access, at this point I assume that properly removing IPAM the next steps are:

    1. Remove the role from the server where IPAM is running along with whatever else the remove role wizard suggests. I'm not too worried about this as after the role is removed the server will be retired.
    2. Since they weren't set to "Remove this item when it is no longer applied", manually reverse the actions of the IPAM GPO's from where they did apply. (Just those three servers presumably).  That is large deleting the scheduled tasks and reversing the firewall exceptions (except of course if I need those exceptions for something - unlikely but I'll check).
    3. Delete the GPO's.

    Is there anything else I am missing? For example permissions on AD, DNS or DHCP that should be removed.

    Thursday, December 28, 2017 4:29 PM


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