Client authentication certificate - Im lost and frustrated RRS feed

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  • So I will give you the quick and dirty version of the situation.  This was dropped in my lap last minute and I am struggling to understand

    Our CA is Windows Server 2003 non-R2.  No other subordinates or issuing CAs.

    The vendor is saying they are getting the following error The server sent HTTP status code 401: Unauthorized

    They told us that we sent them a server authentication certificate and it needs to be a client authentication certificate.

    I read that this has to be done through the web enrollment site http://server/certsrv.

    When I go to this page, it tells me that the site needs to be setup in SSL and I cant do anything else

    I checked ( I had the web-IIS guys check) the website settings and 443 is bound to the site

    When I go to https://server/certsrv I get a page cannot be displayed, like it cant find the page or site

    I followed these instructions to create a template
     I cannot request the cert through the web enrollment site, if this is even the way its supposed to go.
     I am no cert expert
     Is there another way to accomplish this?  The server the vendor needs access to is in the DMZ and bound to our domain
     Please help

    If you're going to answer my question with pretentiousness or disrespect, move on to another question. I don't need your help. Thank you

    Wednesday, March 19, 2014 7:09 PM