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    • REQ 1: A request sticky.
    • REQ 2: Improved Admin Mode, aka Geek Mode.
    • A. Startup: Instead of the WDP notification bubble, a pretty red/green icon in said notification area.
    • B. Shutdown: A "Cancel" button on the 60 sec Log-off pop-up.
    • C. Shutdown: A "Keep for now" button on the 60 sec Log-off pop-up.
    • D: Shutdown. A "Keep for now" checkbox on the 60 sec Log-off pop-up. (Temporarily overide "Delete" default, for easy software testing, etc.)
    • E. Settings: Update Control, in order to choose which types of Automatic Updates to install. Ability to checkbox by category (Important, Recommended, Optional), type (OS, Services, Software, Device Drivers) and/or source (Microsoft, 3rd Party.) Possibly even specific devices. (Exclude updates for Video Driver, to maintain compatibility.)
    • F. Settings: Option to commit Steady State settings directly to disk.
    • REQ 3: POS/PAC Privacy/Security. It seems an obvious topic, with SteadyState being deployed mostly in public environments, but there are no elevated privacy measures to speak of. A modified EFS scheme, maintaining the cache in OTFE with a traveling key which is dropped on a "Remove" event, would make for a nice option.


    • REQ 2 G: Lalaland. Settings: Guided Update Mode. A secure minimal gui runtime environment for manual installations in which only absolutely essential services run, to guarantee a clean install, without accumulating junkdata in the base State from other programs. Lalaland, I know. But would make my day. I know, Safe Mode. More minimal! :) I've got a fetish for junk-free systems.
    Thursday, November 5, 2009 10:55 AM