Task scheduler "stop the task if it runs longer than" works only if the task is started by Powershell but not in the GUI. RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    The "stop the task if it runs longer than" setting is ignored when the task T1 is started by a user in the GUI. The task T1 runs indefinitely. We observed that task T1 runs indefinitely (even more than 40 days), although the setting was active with a default value of just 3 days.

    However, when we use another task T2 with a Powershell script using Start-ScheduledTask to start the task T1, the setting works. Windows stopped the task T1 after 3 days writing this event id on history: 329 "Task stopping due to timeout reached".

    I can reproduce this behaviour on my notebook:
     Task T1 calls the Powershell script:
       Start-ScheduledTask -TaskName T2
     Task T2 has a value of 1 Minute for the setting "stop the task if it runs longer than" and calls the Powershell script:
       Start-Sleep -m 70000
       "hello world!" | Out-File "C:\tmp\test1.txt"

     If I start task T2 it writes "hello world!" on file C:\tmp\test1.txt, although this task should stop after 1 Minute (60000 ms), as the Sleep waits for 70000 ms.

     If I start task T1, than task T2 stopped after 1 Minute, and "hello world!" was not written on file C:\tmp\test1.txt.

    Why is the behaviour not the same on these both call situations (gui or powershell)?

    Is it a bug, or it is a feature?

    Tuesday, July 16, 2019 12:23 PM

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for your question.

    This is indeed a very strange phenomenon. I tested it in my environment and got the same result as you.

    I also tried setting it up using the powershell command below:

    $task = Get-ScheduledTask -TaskName "test"
    $task.Settings.ExecutionTimeLimit = "PT1M"
    Set-ScheduledTask $task

    But I got the same result.

    I will suggest you post this issue in User Voice.

    Best regards,


    Just do it.

    Thursday, July 18, 2019 5:38 AM
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    Wednesday, July 31, 2019 7:50 AM