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  • Hi,

    Our organisation (1000 plus users) is about to upgrade to Moss 2007, and already I am wondering whether it's actually worth the hassle of upgrading SPS 2003 as opposed to doing a fresh install. 

    I say this because we only used SPS2003 for Portal Listings and Textual Info (via content web editor); the portal listings linked to documents on WSS 2 Sites as opposed to documents physically stored in those SPS areas, so I am assuming these links would not upgrade well anyway as they would simply convert to lists and the links would become screwed up by the time the WSS 2 sites were upgraded to WSS3 and then migrated into Moss 2007?  

    Firstly, is my assumption above correct?  Or am I missing something?

    Secondly, if we go for a fresh install and re-build the 'old sps 2003 portal pages' on Moss 2007 from scratch, can we still migrate WSS 2 sites into Moss 2007 at a later date (after upgrading them to WSS 3 first, which I understand is how it's done?).

    Thirdly, If we can migrate WSS sites into Moss2007 'after' a fresh install, do these WSS sites have to be migrated/upgraded as a whole, or can they be done 'site by 'site'.

    Many Thanks, Susie
    Tuesday, March 17, 2009 8:11 PM


  • Hi ,
    For your First Question  - After Migration the Portal Listing will get converted to a normal Sharepoint List and you can use Content Query Web part to display the Links.But anyways the links will remain the same.
    Instead MS Suggest to Use Summary LInk Web part which is a new Feature in MOSS.
    Please refer the below link and look for "Upgrading Areas and Listings Section"

    Second Question - If you dont have much of Customisation then you can just go a ahead and bulit your Sites from Scratch and you can fully use MOSS features because will create Some problem or the other.
    Yep,You can still migrate your WSS 2.0 Sites later using Database Attach method
    1.Run PRescan for the Sites you need to migrate
    2.Take Backup of the Content Database from SPS2003 Database Server
    3.Restore the Database in MOSS SQL Server
    4.Create a New Web Application in MOSS and execute the below command to migrate
    5.stsadm -o addcontentdb -url http://servername -databasename <migratedatabasename>

    Third Question -We have to follow Database Migration
    So if we want to migrate Site by Site , then we need to put that Site in a seperate Database and migrate
    Basically it will migrate all the Sites in the database

    Hope this helps

    Friday, March 20, 2009 9:28 AM