Outlook 2016 give notification when room double booked


  • Hi all,

    One of our customers is using Office 2016 ProPlus. 

    When users double book a room, they click send, and one second later they receive an E-Mail that the request has been denied for that room. This sounds like as expected, but the problem is all attendee's have the appointment in their calendar. Now its the responsibility of the user to cancel of choose another date and update the reservation.

    I know Outlook is giving the user availability information on the right side of Outlook. It clearly says that when a room is not available, the amount of available rooms is NONE :)

    But not all users look at the availability. 

    Is there an option to just prevent the user from creating the reservation, when the room is not available? Or give the user a pop-up message that the room is already booked, so the user gets confronted with it?


    Friday, April 28, 2017 7:26 AM

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