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    Elsewhere I wrote in response to a question................................... "I have a desktop which will not work after loading a Windows 7 update.   It will show the Windows logo [ugly monstrosity that it is] and then I get a nice cursor arrow, followed by zilch.   I get tired of looking at that blasted arrow.   I have tried everything that these so-called answers lay out.  It will not boot - period.   Not in anything with  a Windows CD, a Rescue CD, my backup [weekly] or system restore.   [I do get a message that system restore cannot work because of an Nvidia file in C:/program files/ but it is not there!] There is nothing wrong with my computer!!   I have checked the drive - no faults.   I have installed Windows on another drive - works perfectly.   Something is either corrupt in Windows, the boot record or whatever.  NONE of Microsoft's so-called solutions has shown me how to recover my ORIGINAL installation and its' much needed information.   Pity one cannot just move the registry to a new install but wouldn't  that be simple and beyond the resources of any Microsoft supposed programmer?   Why should I pay big bucks for some tech to do the job when Microsoft should supply the answer to their own *-up?  Just to be clear - the same update crashed my granddaughter's laptop.  Luckily her system restore worked.  Thanks Microsoft for making my pre-Christmas week so jolly."

    I received no response so it would appear that even Microsoft techs have no ideas.   Just on a whim I left the computer stand for a while and after some time got an error message indicating that a file was corrupt.                                                                                                                                         I have tried everything in an effort to replace this file with one from another installation.   I am unable to copy, delete, overwrite, or rename this file in any way.   I have tried safe mode, windows repair, generic programs on a reboot but nothing will work.   Frustration is putting it mildly.    Is there anyone, MS employee or not who can give me some help in repairing my system.    In my efforts to do so I have a Windows Old folder and attempting to boot up on that is exactly the same with the exception that with Windows Old I am able to move the cursor........big deal in a black screen.
    Re-installing is not acceptable since it would result in the loss of valuable data.
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