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  • Theres a few things that I'd like see built into windows 7 that hasnt been fixed quite yet

    1. FTP Support for Windows 7 As mapping a possible network drive. Adding an FTP location to the Favorites area recieves error "The Handle is Invalid" this feature although is not AS good as an FTP I used to use it in Vista & XP as a network place.  I would hardley ever use an FTP client with these older operating systems except to perform tasks such as chmod'ing directories.. I would like to see further FTP Support in Windows Explorer.

    2. "Floating Taskbar" It would be nice if not only I could drag the buttons on my task bar left to right, but I could also float and snap them on another movable taskbar for another monitor.. Just a suggestion.

    3. Magic Selection Tool  in the new mspaint (enough said)

    4. "Taskbar Slide" - instead of having the taskbar show desktop when I click the button to the right of the clock, it would be nice if it slide away and back.

    thats really it for now.. good job guys.. but for real im serious about the FTP support in explorer.. I'm going to be very mad if this gets an official release without FTP Support.. Very mad.
    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 9:33 AM