Looking for DA Manage-Out Assistance


  • Hello, let me say up front I am not a Network or Systems Engineer. I'm just a lowly Systems Adminitstrator who is trying to get Manage-Out functioning in our environment.

    Our DA implementation has been working fine for a year now but all the Engineers who implemented it have left and the task has fallen to me to see how to get Manage-Out working.

    I have built a test VM that is acting as my inside-out machine. I enabled the ISATAP adapter on it and after I did I was able to resolve the DA client IPV6 address but it isn't pinging it. I am able to ping it from both DA servers.

    I have read tons of information on the web about setting up manage-out but I don't know where the issue may be laying. I've tried many firewall rules on the DA client that allow Edge Traversal but nothing so far can get my IO machine to ping the DA client.

    I ran a catpure on my IO machine and the DA client and I can see the DA client receive the ICMPv6 Echo Request traffic from the IO machine and I can also see the DA client send ICMPv6 Echo Replies back to the IO machine. However, on the IO macine I'm only seeing the ICMPv6 requests - no replies.

    Could someone point me in the direction I should be looking at next? Remember I am no expert at all on this stuff so be gentle!  And thanks!

    Sunday, March 02, 2014 2:09 AM