Remote Desktop Fails After SP3 Install - Cannot Restore SP2 Version


  • Hi,

    I installed XP SP3 and immediately afterwards whenever I start mstsc, I get an application error and the app then closes (did the send error report but got nothing back).

    After lengthy searching, I believe I have tracked the issue down to the fact that one of the startup parameters has changed from console to admin or something like that. I don't really care what the reason is, I just need remote desktop to work :)

    Many people have got around this by simply using the SP2 version which still works fine. I wanted to go one step further and replace the SP3 version in winsys32 so that my MMC remote desktop snapin would start working again.

    My main issue is that I cannot stop windows file protection from restoring the remote desktop activex control, mstscax.dll. I think that if I place this file and mstsc.exe back in to winsys32 (plus re-register) then I will have effectively restored remote desktop to a working version (I have tested these two files in another folder and this mstsc does still work).

    I have added mstscax.dll to the wfp exclusion list in filelist.xml which is where I believe you are supposed to add file or folder exclusions to wfp, yet when I go ahead and replace that dll with the sp2 version in winsys32, it magically reappears as the sp3 version after a few seconds.

    So my questions are:-

     - is there something else in sp3 that is necessary in order to exclude a file from windows file protection?

     - is there a better way to restore the sp2 version of remote desktop?



    Wednesday, April 21, 2010 10:34 AM