Demoting a 2008 R2 DC does not remove the old SYSVOL folder


  • Hello all and thanks for your time and expertise.

    I had to forcefully demote (and then promoted again with a different name) a 2008 r2 dc and I have a question about the old sysvol folder.  Please note we migrated to DFSR replication at least two years ago and it worked fine.  However, when I demoted (and then promoted) this DC today the old sysvol folder was still there.  When we first migrated to DFSR the old sysvol folder was deleted so I don't understand why the old sysvol folder is showing after I promoted this DC. 

    I ran a DFS Management health report and replication worked, including this DC, but I was concerned about the old sysvol folder being there.  Is this a problem, should I try and delete the sysvol folder, or should I leave well enough alone.

    I just want to follow best practices in this scenario.  Appreciate your advice and recommendations.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2017 2:42 AM


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