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  • I'm getting flicker on page load or postback of a coloured page body in IE11, on externally hosted site (ie. not from local disk).

    The odd thing is it goes away if I either:

    1. Open F12 developer tools
    2. Add the site to trusted sites
    3. Add the site to restricted sites

    I've got a VM with IE9 which appears to work fine (assuming the flicker isn't being hidden by VM screen refresh speed or something). Works fine on Chrome.

    I obviously cannot use any of the above as a solution!!! And besides, none make sense, especially solution 1.

    This sample code has one link that switches between two pages. I've removed everything else, javascript, css files etc.

    --- page1.html ---
    <body style="background-color:#000000">
        <a href="page2.html">Page 2</a>

    And then an identical page2.html that refs back to page 1.

    Clicking on the link flickers the background from white to black each time, unless using any of the "fixes" above!

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  • Hi Peter,

    Post questions about html, css and scripting to the IE Web Development forum. Include with your questions a link to your website or a mashup that shows the issue. Where appropriate include your windows and IE versions.

    Please validate and correct your markup errors first... and code to modern standards.

    see Tools>Internet Options>General tab, 'Colors' tab.... adjust your default colors accordingly... web browsers have a default 'page' color.... what you are seeing is the background color changing from your color to the default and back to your color.


    Desktop>Personalization>.... change your desktop theme from a High Contrast option.

    Common practice is not to color elements and let the users preferences (from their Internet Options)

    This forum is for questions about IEAK and GPO configuration/maintenance of IE on domain networks.



    Friday, June 13, 2014 8:09 PM