Problem starting vista(maybe coz of security settings) RRS feed

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    Hey, some hours ago i formatted one of the 2 partitions on my hdd with xp and installed vista on it. On the other partition(D) i have vista too. So, I"ll format the other partition too soon coz i don't need 2 vistas but before that I'd like to start the old vista installation(need to get some saved passes on websites and msn- forgot itSmile). The first problem was that the vista boot manager didn't recognise the old vista. So i decided to add it manually, by copying the current entry, and just setting the device and osdevice variables to "D:". But when i restarted the system the vista doesn't start giving an error(D:\windows\system32\system is corrupt or missing or something like this). I can't set the security permissions on D:\windows too - gives access denied for every account. Anything i can do to start the old vista? Pls help..

    Saturday, August 25, 2007 11:09 AM