My Networks folder simply closes itself after 10 seconds RRS feed

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  • XP Media Centre SP3


    I had this earlier this year but resolved, so I thought, my reinstalling .net 2.0. This time I installed .Net 4.0 but the issue remains.

    Originally I had issues accessing my Windows Home Server and worked troubleshooting there. However, when I turned off WHS the problem persists so it is local to this machine.

    Here's the symptom locally.

    I open My Network Places and I see a bunch of shared folders. All good.

    I go to click on the folders and suddenly the window vanishes, closing itself.

    If I'm quick, I can get to some of the shared folders but they too also close and vanish.

    I can access files on my WHS now but after a few seconds the window closes itself and disappears.

    So, the issue appears local to this machine. I have check my firewall settings and everything seems fine. My AV Spyware is Zone Labs Extreme and it is up to date as of today.

    Any ideas?






    Thursday, September 30, 2010 10:08 PM