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  • My windows internet explorer did the same as the other posters.

    If i tried closing IE, or even when i hit the back to previous page, it would

    freeze and when i got it closed my taskbar on the desktop disappeared, and

    all was froze....

    It's like Windows explorer is continuing to run, even though it's been shut down...

    not allowing any other tasks to be opened...

    Tried to use a restore to a point a few weeks ago, and all my restore attempts

    failed with error message.  ("power outage or system error caused restore to fail, nothing was changed")

    tried several different restore points, all failed...

    Odd that the same problem happened to others on the same date...

    Managed to download  firefox, before it froze up again, and it seems to work for web-surfing,

     but cant' use windows explorer, and my windows updates all fail when I try to apply them...

    Ran old norton scan and windows defender virus scans,  nothing....

    It's something wrong with the way IE communicates with Vista or my pc...    Can you

    delete windows explorer and re-load it?  anyone try? how?  Will just downloading windows explorer again from a website

    fix it?

    I've noticed a bunch of java updates pop-ups lately that i ignored/deleted...   But others said deleting

    java didn't help...

    I did notice a bunch of windows opened fast, like a spreading deck of cards on top of screen, when I

    was chatting with a crutchfield tech in online support.  When I googled my explorer freeze problem, I read somewhere

     that too many windows opening too fast, can

    cause your windows explorer to freeze and act-up.   There was a microsoft windows update that was to

    fix that problem, but every update i try to load, fails to install,  so I'm at a catch-22 there...

    I don't want to take my pc to expensive repair shop,  can i just use firefox, and forget about windows updates

    and system restores?


    Tuesday, August 19, 2008 1:18 AM