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  • Hi all,

    Just discovered this forum, I wished had seen it earlier... already half of my issues are gone just by browsing here...

    I still have a few questions I want to put through you.

    I have builit a few KPIs in the dashboard itself, they all are just reading the the row 1, column 1 of some PAS reports,
    they seems to access the SSAS server each time, so not using any cached report on the PAS server.
    When I edit the KPI in the dashboard studio, the refresh button take a few seconds to populate the value as well.
    however, it seems the dashboard is retrieving  and displaying the cached version of other PAS reports fine.

    what is strange is those KPIs were loaded almost instantaneously a few weeks back, it used to take about 3-4 sec to load all the 15 KPIs on the page,
    now it takes at least 3 sec each...

    I am not sure what really changed, in the last weeks, we did upgrade our SSAS server from 32 to a 64 bit machine. I also installed the SP2.

    anyone has a pointer what I should check?
    thanks in advance


    PAS: 6.3.2217
    PDS: 6.3.2214 (no hotfix included in the SP2?)
    Friday, February 20, 2009 3:30 PM

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  • Hi dark,

    Glad to hear the forums are useful and helpul.  They're here for that very purpose :-).  Yes KPI's will read from PAS cache if you're retrieving the values from, say, a grid on a PAS report.  If the report isn't cached it will then go to SSAS to get the data.  The row/column that you're connecting the KPI to, is there a KPI there already that's built in the cube?  In that case it may bypass the PAS cache.

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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009 5:03 PM
  • Hi Sean,

    Yes, the PAS is just one cell from a grid on a PAS report, and it's not a Cube KPI.

    I've tested a bit more and it seems that this is happening only if the KPI on the dashboard is using a subtotal/total cell of the grid.

    we can see a clear difference of performance on our server (cache warmed).

    - on all KPIs based on a normal cell, it tooks less than a sec to load each, and our SSAS server is showing no activity.
    - on all LPIs based on a total/subtotal, it tooks 3-4 sec and our SSAS server is showing heavy activity.

    however, when I open the PAS reports themselve, whether they contain a subtotal or not, they all appears instantanously,
    without any activity on the SSAS server.

    just to be sure of that, I've added a subtotal to one of the  existing grid,  each load of this KPI is then hitting SSAS each time.

    Also, I'm pretty sure we didn't had that issue before we installed SP2 (6.3.2217) on the PAS server.

    Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated...


    Wednesday, February 25, 2009 2:37 PM
  • Paul, there were some changes made to dashboard KPI's and PAS cache in the hotfixes but that was from reading the cash incorrectly instead of slowly.  I will check around and send a few inquiries to see about finding an explanation.


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    Friday, February 27, 2009 3:24 PM
  • Hi sean,

    well, it's not slow, it seems it just not using the cache at all, if the cell I'm reading is a subtotal...

    the workaround I have for now is I changed the report and created a new member in proclarity instead of doing a subtotal,
    but it's not really ideal because my users used to go to analyze and see the details of the subtotal.

    seems like the 6.3.2217 for dashboard is coming out really soon,
    so I'll give that a try as well


    Tuesday, March 3, 2009 6:20 PM