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  • Hi Everyone,

    Does anyone has a short and clear answer to the future of Skype for business On-premise server? 

    We all know that the SFB online is going to be totally replaced by Teams, and there is a planned release of Skype for Business on-premise 2019 around the 2018-Q2. But what's the next step? would be other releases? or this is probably the last one, and then everyone is going to either move to the cloud (Teams) or find another on-premise solution for example? 

    This would help me anticipate my next move ^^

    Thank you guys for your replies in advance.


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  • :) looking for BabaWanga in Skype world, am not the one

    Practically deciding factors would be

    1.How is the EV deployment of Microsoft progressing, what are the timelines for those.

    2. Any Lingering planning parts like Branch site vs Direct Routing and Hybrid Voice topology which looks to be more achievable now

    3. Analysis of Enterprise Voice and Skype Online by the top most on-premise Clients of Microsoft

    4. Future of Online - what are we heading in to after cloud - nobody wants to give it a priority

    Tuesday, April 10, 2018 3:24 PM
  • There's nothing official right now, you have the latest info at this point. There's a lot of speculation that 2019 will be the last on-prem version, but nobody really knows that. I'm not sure if Microsoft even knows that yet. A lot of things they announce like this get changed later on because of the uproar and issues it would cause. I would plan to deploy SfB 2015 for now and upgrade to 2019 when it becomes a bit more mature. Even if 2019 is only in mainstream support for 5 years, that gives you until 2024+, by which time the UC/IC landscape will be different yet again.
    Tuesday, April 10, 2018 3:29 PM
  • Thank you guys for your replies.

    Actually, we do have multi-site on-premises deployments of SFB 2015, and we're thinking between to upgrade to 2019 or maybe jump straight away to the cloud SFBO/Teams. Since SFB 2019 in-place upgrade is not possible, and if we consider it would be the last of on-premises, well...

    Wednesday, April 18, 2018 5:15 PM