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  • Hi,

    Some more misunderstanding/clarification required on my part.

    This is our current test setup.

    • 2 forests: extranet.company.com forest with a 2-way trust relationship to intranet.company.com
    • UAG is in the extranet.company.com forest.
    • portal.company.com MOSS website exists in intranet.company.com
    • UAG HTTP anonymous trunk is UAG1.companytest.com (yes, companytest, and not company - for testing purposes we are using different namespaces)
    • So now if I want to publish portal.company.com (as a MOSS app) there is a problem...on the Web Server property of the MOSS application, I can type in the Host Header to be portal.company.com, but the public name auto-completes to .companytest.com
    • This obviosly fails when the Internet client double-clicks the MOSS icon in UAg portal page, as the client tries to connect to portal.companytest.com which does not exist.


    • Can this work, can UAG fetch an internal web page and display it WITHOUT portal.company.com or portal.companytest.com actually having an Internet resolvable name?
    • If the answer above is yes, how could we do it

    Or are we getting confused again?

    Thank you



    Thursday, May 6, 2010 2:26 PM


  • The public hostname of the Sharepoint that UAG is publishing has to match the domain of the UAG itself, so if the trunk is on uag1.companytest.com, you need to create a public DNS record for portal.companytest.com (resolves to the same public IP of the UAG), and set the AAM on the SharePoint portal to translate Internet names to portal.companytest.com.

    Naturally, when you move to company.com, you'll have to change those settings accordingly.


    Ben Ari
    Microsoft CSS IAG Support
    Sammamish, WA
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