Black Screen of Dead on my Windows 7 64 bit RRS feed

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  • So, I was on my computer, and my computer was beginning to screech to a halt. I figured I'd restart my computer to fix it, since that was normally the way I fixed that. However, when I came back, I found my computer at the cursor screen, with absolutely nothing to interact with! Ctrl+alt+delete didn't work, Shift+ctrl+esc didn't work, Windows-R didn't work, and I knew this was after the welcome screen, since I saw a watermark in the corner, stating that I had this in test mode, to disable the driver signature reinforcement. I restarted my computer again, into safe mode, and that booted properly. I figured it was in a program that I had installed on my computer to disable startup programs that it thought wasn't necessary to start up, to expedite the boot sequence, so I got rid of that, and noticed my system restore was acting up. I realized it was set to Manual in the services program, so I made it automatic, along with a few other things I figured was needed. So I reboot, figuring I solved the problem, and now, the computer won't boot at all past "Starting windows"! I can't even boot into safe mode! How can I go about fixing this? System Restore has no restore points for some reason, I have no secondary desktop computer that I could use to hook my hard drive up to as a slave, and I am not reformatting my computer, since I have over 400 gigabytes of stuff on there, and re-downloading that with 200 kbps download speed is not fun at all. Can I get some help?

    I have a Dell Studio XPS, so that means there is a small hard drive in it that allows me to reformat my computer, instead of a separate installation disk for the OS. I also have an external 450 GB hard drive, so if I can put that to use, let me know.

    Monday, May 14, 2012 2:29 AM