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  • Hi People,

    How do you folks troubleshoot sequenced applications? Say you had sequenced an application and when you deployed it you found that it produced an unexpected pop-up message. usually I would run a snapshot on the computer before and after I had said yes or no to the pop-up and find out if it's setting is in a ini file or registry, but with deployed App-V applications you cannot get at the 'meat' of the files as they are hidden in the App-V client cache.

    Can you view the 'live' virtualised files in the cache? Does it use files under 'C:\Document and Settings\All Users\Documents\SoftGrid Client' or does it use the files hidden in 'Q:' or whatever mapped drive you've used?

    Can one not really troubleshoot App-V software once deployed due to the nature of it's files and registry being separated from the OS?


    Tuesday, March 30, 2010 3:00 PM