cortana in windows 10 not working RRS feed

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  • first of all all my settings are for region 1, en-us pacific time language is US English I live in Oceanside California, ok. so here is what happened, Cortana was working fine ok, then about 2 days ago I decided to use the TV & Movies app that came with windows 10 and after an hour the laptop freeze up for about 45 minutes then it just rebooted on it self then it took it about one and a half hour to load windows components then I tried to ask a question to Cortana but it did not worked, so I checked the settings, and Cortana was off so I tried to turn it on, but then Cortana said I'm sorry but I can't speak your language ? and it turns it self off over and over. I have tried every recovery option, resetting the computer, I have tried to run antivirus but computer just restart every time I tried to run antivirus ? and all the restore points I created are all gone computer can't find any, even in safe mode, none of the recovery options work, all it says is we run into a problem and no changes were made to your computer.


    Sunday, January 10, 2016 10:47 PM