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  • Hello All,

    I am using WSS3.0. I have a document library in my site. There may be various folders in that library. What i want is, to give access permission for a document to one user whereas access permission for other doc to some other user.

    Let me explain it in little bit detail.
    If there is a document library called 'Project Docs'.
    In this Project Docs library, i have one folder named 'Accounts'.
    Now in this Accounts folder there are two documents present. Lets say Acc1.doc and Acc2.doc.
    And there are two different users. AccUser1 and AccUser2.

    I want to give permission to Acc1.doc to AccUser1 only whereas Acc2.doc should be accessible to AccUser2 only.
    In short Acc1.doc shhould not be visible to AccUser2 and Acc2.doc should not be visible to AccUser1.

    It is not compulsory that Acc1.doc is created by AccUser1 and Acc2.doc is created by AccUser2. Someone third user may upload or create these documents.

    I will be very thankful, if someone guide me to resolve this.
    Thanks in advanced. Waiting for your valuable response.

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