JDIC IeEmbed.exe in to App-V bubble with IE11 RRS feed

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  • Hi All,

    Here Roger from the Netherlands so excuse me for my dunlish.

    I have a nasty problem with a Web application.

    So we have a in house Java/Oracle Forms based jnlp Application with runs in IE11.

    I have made aan app-V bubble with only files in it with de web application calls with data from the database.

    All works fine, but for one particulair option in the web app.

    in a few formscreens the user is presentent a graph, this is pulled from a other web server and embedded in to the form. This is not working, and i am getting a I/O Error.

    This form starts a process "IeEmbed.exe".

    If i start the web app with out App-V it works. paste the url straight in to IE11 and works.

    I have played arround with com intergration but that did not help a bit. There are no com class mappings.

    i also tried to place the exe file and dll's (jdic.dll and tray.dll) in the appv but no results for so far.

    ok it's old crap i know.

    but it's hospital software and they need it.

    why not run without appv? well we have 2 applications (this webapp) that make use of the same middleware parts and we don't want to mixup patient information. So we need the web to start in a bubble.

    i am open to new idea's if you can make anything from my post



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