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  • I have recently upgraded from Virtual PC 2007 to Windows Virtual PC running on Windows 7.

    With the new configuration the console for Virtual PC no longer exists and it is now incorporated into the operating system view. With this change, the availability of the "Options" no longer seem to be readily available.

    I have 3 key options I used before that are critical to my operation.

    a) All running VM get equal cpu time

    Can't find this option to set anymore and my application that has a built in timer runs approx 20% slower...Same thing happened with PC 2007 running in background but all timing went back to normal after using this option. Can anyone tell me if this can still be done ?

    b) Restore at Start.

    I have a server data logger running and like it to automatically restart after a reboot....

    c) Adjust Screen Resolution

    I remotely log on to this server with a system that has a high resolution monitor. Used to be able to have it use my full resolution for the desktop...

    Are these key options still available or do I need to uninstall Windows PC and go back to the previous version (2007)  to gain back this functionality ?


    Monday, January 3, 2011 5:10 AM

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  • OK Found some other posts for

    b) Restore at Start...Haven't tried yet, but looks promising

    c) Screen resolution.....I confused this with my Live Mesh Set-up I have for accessing the Host VM.

        RDP Sessions with XP do allow for automatic screen resizing.....

    OK Only the one BUG set-back.......I need the All running CPU get equal time function....

    The specs say that separate threads are now enabled for multiple VM sessions, but haven't been able to find anything more, or if they run in "degraded mode" where timings may still not be accurate.

    Has anyone found a solution to running time sensitive applications in the new release of Windows PC ?

    As I said earlier, the setting of "All running CPU get equal time function" in the options for Virtual PC 2007 worked great, just don't find this setting available now....Are there any alternatives I can use without going back to the 2007 version ?


    Monday, January 3, 2011 6:07 PM
  • Wow.....No Responses....


    OK a few days has passed, and tried the gambit of changes to the Options.XML file..

    SOme specificially for enhancing performance of laptop system with battery savings features...


    IF anyone knows the fix, it would be Ben Arnmstrong....but alas he seems to be off...

    IF anyone does come up with the setting to allow all CPUs to share time equally please let me know...


    In the meantime I have downgraded to PC 2007 and enabled this setting....all is working now....

    Too Bad as I needed the USB Boot option to create the Virtual PC's.

    Friday, January 7, 2011 6:37 PM