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  • Hi All!

    We have well-known task - to create common Employee Register on MOSS to contain such user information as name, last name, phone, office location, etc.
    There is also an obvious solution to this task - to include all required information into User Profiles.

    But our problem is a little bit more complicated as for some of users (couriers, distant workers, fired ex-employees) we don`t have Active Directory accounts, and there are no chances that those accounts will be created (even in locked state).

    Are there any ways to create User Profiles for users without AD accounts, or the only thing we can do is to keep information about such users somewhere else, for instance, in custom list? (This solution is not very good for us as there are several custom components on MOSS portal consuming user information, and we will  need to refactor them to work with both User Profiles and that custom list).

    Tuesday, December 7, 2010 1:43 PM

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  • Unfortunately, you are dealing with the symptom, and not the cause of the problem.

    The symptom is not having an AD account for ex-employees and couriers etc.

    The cause is having these ex-employees DELETED from AD.  Former employees should not be deleted from AD.  Instead, their account should simply be suspended so that profile information can still work as it was designed.  I see this a lot, unfortunately, in my work with customers who try to make MS tools work in ways other than which they were designed to do.

    My recommendation is to revisit the reason why these AD accounts are removed.  Overcome THAT hurdle and you'll solve not only this problem, but avoid many more down the road.


    I trust that answers your question...


    Tuesday, January 4, 2011 1:34 PM