Updating RSClientPrint Active-X control on client machine to work with IE 11 RRS feed

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  • We are using RSClientPrintControl Active-X control for printing reports on client browsers. We were using an earlier version of the active-x control (10.50.1600.1) which stopped working after machines in my organization were upgraded to latest IE 11. After doing some searching It was found that we should be using version of Active-X control that is compatible for IE 11(10.50.4000.0).

    I updated application code to use new Active-X control as shown below

    Earlier Code:

    <object id="RSClientPrint" classid="CLSID:5554DCB0-700B-498D-9B58-4E40E5814405" codebase="/_vti_bin/AB.PQR.Reporting.Web/RSClientPrint-x86.cab" width="0" height="0" ></object>


    New Code:


    <object id="RSClientPrint"classid="CLSID:5554DCB0-700B-498D-9B58-4E40E5814405"codebase="/_vti_bin/AB.PQR.Reporting .Web/RSClientPrint-x86.cab#Version=2009,4000,100,1"width="0"height="0"></object>


    This seems to have resolved the issue with printing; however this is causing new issue. Every time I access the page I get prompt for installing the Active-X control. This I believe is because the old Active-x control is still there on machine.

    Can someone please help me in resolving this issue? Told Active-X control is installed already on most of the browsers in the organization. Does anyone have any script or something that can be used to un-install old Active-X control?

    Thursday, May 7, 2015 2:52 PM


  • Hi Not_applicable2314,

    According to your description, after upgrading the IE browser to IE 11, you are prompted to install the RSClientPrintControl Active-X control when access the report, right?

    In your scenario, you could run the IE 11 browser as administrator, then click Print button. At this time, click Tools button to select Manage add-ons to check the version of currently loaded RSClientPrint Active-X control like below:

    If the loaded control is an old one, you could refer to this article to uninstall the RSClientPrint control then restart the IE 11. If there is no RSClientPrint control, then you click the print button, the corresponding Microsoft ActiveX control is downloaded to the computer. Please refer to this article: Enable and Disable Client-Side Printing for Reporting Services.

    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.

    Best regards,
    Qiuyun Yu

    Qiuyun Yu
    TechNet Community Support

    Friday, May 8, 2015 7:31 AM