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  • After reinstalling Anywhere Access in Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials seems to be working better than it did... but... when logging into cisco dpc3939b router, the IP keeps changing from reserved IP to after server boots up and starts doing its thing???

    It is set static on the server (router is handling DHCP, not server).

    If i check right after server starts, shows proper static .2 IP in the router setup, but give it a few minutes, shows .194 ip again in router?

    Is WS12ER2 making the router change to .194? Is the remote Anywhere Access making this change? Once this happens, i cannot select the .194 and change to .2 reserved in the router?

    Thank you. 


    When installing Anywhere Access, I let it set up the router itself using UPnP and was successful... It seemed to work even though in the router Poert forwarding wasn't even enabled?  I saw the dimmed entries added for port 80 and 443.  But now port 443 is GONE????  what the?  Does UPnP allow the server to change things when it wants or needs to?

    I didn't remove the port 443?  only port 80 is left??? 

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