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  • Hi,

    I am migrating Project Server 2007 to Project Server 2013. An Intermediate migration from PS 2007 to PS 2010 was completed successfully.

    My PS 2007 had a report viewer webpart. But after migrating to PS 2010, i removed the report viewer webpart. Because i will use brand new reporting dashboards for PS 2013.

    While migrating PS 2010 to PS 2013, I am not able to upgrade PWA Instance and it gets failed with some error. I don't have any clue what is this error. Please help me to resolve this error.

    Below is the Powershell error while upgrading SPPWA Instance..

    Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance : Post provision setup failed. SetupReportCenterFromProvisioning failed. At line:1 char:1 + Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance -Identity http://server/production + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : InvalidData: (Microsoft.Offic...radePwaInstance:PSCmdletUpgradePwaInstance) [Upgrade-SPP rojectWebInstance], ProvisionException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Cmdlet.PSCmdletUpgradePwaInstance ---------------------------------------------

    Errors in LOGS:- 

    Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Administration.ProvisionException: SetupReportCenterFromProvisioning failed. at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.Config.<>c__DisplayClassc.<setupreportcenterfromprovisioning>b__6() at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurity.<>c__DisplayClass5.<runwithelevatedprivileges>b__3() at Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SecurityContext.RunAsProcess(CodeToRunElevated secureCode) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(WaitCallback secureCode, Object param) at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(CodeToRunElevated secureCode) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.Config.SetupReportCenterFromProvisioning(ProjectSite projectSite, PostConfigType postCo... 9c4bc450-1640-4a22-9bc2-18bb026095bb </runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning>

    <setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><runwithelevatedprivileges></runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><runwithelevatedprivileges>10/27/2014 14:56:30.14* powershell.exe (0x1360) 0x14AC Project Server Provisioning ailph Exception ...nfigType) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.Config.PostProvisioningSetup(ProjectSite projectSite, PostConfigType postConfigType) StackTrace: at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Native.dll: (sig=435d7b9e-6d66-4296-9702-0defb7d00da1|2|, offset=3C1E) at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Native.dll: (offset=1254D) 9c4bc450-1640-4a22-9bc2-18bb026095bb </runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning>

    <setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><runwithelevatedprivileges></runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><runwithelevatedprivileges>10/27/2014 14:56:30.14 powershell.exe (0x1360) 0x14AC Project Server Unified Logging Service c91s Monitorable Watson bucket parameters: Microsoft Project Server 2013, ULSException14, 070f6ea0 "project server", 0f001144 "15.0.4420.0", 9c2bade2 "", 0f001144 "15.0.4420.0", 506724e7 "sat sep 29 22:12:15 2012", 000085e4 "000085e4", 00000070 "00000070", facd856a "provisionexception", 0020b3c7 "ailph" 9c4bc450-1640-4a22-9bc2-18bb026095bb </runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning>

    <setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><runwithelevatedprivileges></runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><runwithelevatedprivileges>1</runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><setupreportcenterfromprovisioning><runwithelevatedprivileges>0/27/2014 14:56:30.14 powershell.exe (0x1360) 0x14AC Project Server Provisioning 7381 Critical Project Web Instance post provision setup completed with errors for instance http://Server/Production. The error is 'SetupReportCenterFromProvisioning failed.' 9c4bc450-1640-4a22-9bc2-18bb026095bb</runwithelevatedprivileges></setupreportcenterfromprovisioning>


    Monday, October 27, 2014 10:24 AM

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  • Hi Sandeep,

    I haven't seen that error before. However, as the error seems to be related to the Report Center ... have you checked the ProjectBicenter in 2010? Is everything running alright there?

    Also, you can try to delete the ProjectBIcenter in 2010 in re-provision the PWA instance then try to migrate to 2013


    Monday, October 27, 2014 12:58 PM
  • Hi Paul,

    I haven't worked on BI Center in PS 2010 but everything seems fine over there.

    You mean that first i should delete the BICenter Web in 2010 using "Delete this site" option in Site setting of BICenter page. Then Proviosion my 2010 PWA and then start over the migration to PS 2013?

    Ok, I will try it. Thanks



    Monday, October 27, 2014 2:25 PM
  • It look like either a syntax error or that your parameters are not spelled correctly.  Enclose your values in quotes and make sure you don't have leading or trailing spaces.

    If you can post the exact PowerShell command that cause this error, that would be useful too.


    Michael Wharton, MVP, MBA, PMP, MCT, MCTS, MCSD, MCSE+I, MCDBA
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    Monday, October 27, 2014 3:57 PM
  • It looks like the error is with setup\provisioning Report Center (Business Intelligence). 

    The "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" should be active while provisioning the PWA. Here are the steps to enable\activate feature

    i. Login to PWA

    ii. go to Gear (top right corner) -> site settings -> site collection Administration -> site collection feature -> Activate "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure"

    * How to activate feature "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure" using powershell

    i. open sharepoint powershell as administrator

    ii. Execute following command

    Enable-SPFeature -Identity Publishingsite -URL http://servername/pwa -Force 

    Enable-SPFeature -Identity Publishingweb -URL http://servername/pwa -Force

    Note:  "Publishingweb" is related to "SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure", however has a dependency on "Publishingsite". So, we have to first enabled "Publishingsite" and then "Publishitngweb" 

    * Once feature is active, retry provisioning pwa.

    Cheers! Happy troubleshooting !!! Dinesh S. Rai - MSFT Enterprise Project Management Please click Mark As Answer; if a post solves your problem or Vote As Helpful if a post has been useful to you. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

    Monday, October 27, 2014 10:02 PM
  • Thank you Dinesh,

    I executed commands but they din't resolve ReportBICenter Issue. However, they solved one other Status Queue Issue which was giving failedwaring too. I am still stuck with ReportBICenter issue, what do you suggest now??

    Rule Message Status ---- -------

    Microsoft.Office.Project.S..           ProjectBICenter does not e...        FailedWaring

    Microsoft.Office.Project.S... All projects have workspac... Passed

    Microsoft.Office.Project.S... Service status of Queue: (...       Passed (Solved by Commands)

    Microsoft.Office.Project.S... Number of unprocessed jobs... Passed

    Microsoft.Office.Project.S... All Queue Groups OK. Passed

    And I am trying to activate BICenter data conecting feature but failed saying

    "The Site scoped feature being activated has a dependency on hidden Site Collection scoped feature 'FeatureDefinition/15/05891451-f0c4-4d4e-81b1-0dabd840bad4' (ID: '05891451-f0c4-4d4e-81b1-0dabd840bad4'). Hidden features cannot be auto-activated across scopes. There may be one or more visible Site Collection scoped features that auto-activate the dependent hidden feature."



    Tuesday, October 28, 2014 9:11 AM

    Started over by configuring wizard and enabled services at farm level.


    Then i enabled "Performance Point Feaure" in Manage Site Collection Feature and then enabled Performance Point and BICenter Feature in Manage Site Feature. 

    Then I was able to run below commands successfully. And got PWA Provisioned.


    Test-SPProjectWebInstance -Identity http://colo-chronos-ap/production

    Upgrade-SPProjectWebInstance -Identity http://colo-chronos-ap/production

    Thanks Dinesh, You enabled my mind and also solved Status Queue Error.


    Tuesday, October 28, 2014 9:58 AM
  • I am having the same issue. I am migrating from 2010 to 2013 and when I run Test-SPProjectWebInstance I am getting the same error.

    Question 1

    When you say you finally solved it by "Starting over by configuring and enabled services at farm level" what services are you referring too?

    Question 2 

    I do not see a BICenter feature on my pwa site collection, where are you seeing this.

    Question 3

    Also just to clarify you are doing all this on your 2013 instance correct?

    Thursday, January 8, 2015 7:39 PM