PWA synchronization with AD resets initials RRS feed

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  • Okay so I am a bit of a loss here and hope for some input. I am a student worker relatively new with Project online .:)

    In this company we have different security groups in AD (Active Directory) and when synchronizing resources PWA <> AD, I observe that all users from a particular security group in AD will have their initials set to the first letter of their name. If I manually set the intials in Project online, those manual changes will be lost on next synchronization in this "one" AD group. The AD groups are not made in a way where they store the initials so I am thinking that a configuration "somewhere" is leaving the initials field alone during synchronization with users from other security groups.. Since we synchronize at least once a day, it means that we have to manually fix all these initials every morning.

    Is the problem with some custom AD settings somewhere or with some project online settings I haven't discovered yet..

    Any ideas to how I can track the cause down?

    Tuesday, September 19, 2017 10:37 AM