IE11 verification of install of Java (JRE) V7 update 51 using


  • If I run IE11 in Administrator Mode I can successfully confirm that Java has installed and is working correctly if I use the official tool at www-java-com/verify. However, this will not verify using the IE11 defaults in non-Admin mode - it simply ignores whatever command calls Java. Similarly with other sites it simply blocks the calls to Java by ignoring them (no messages at all). All can be made to work in Admin Mode (using the exceptions list, if necessary, for trusted unsigned apps). It seems a paradox that one has to run at an even higher level of privilege (increasing the risk) in order to reduce the perceived risk of Java.....

    Question: what settings do I need to make in IE11/Java so that I can simply run Java apps in regular mode. Something is wrong if the official check tool is not able to work.

    Tuesday, February 04, 2014 5:47 PM


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