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  • I have setup a new failover cluster. It has five members a witness disk and cluster storage for the VMs.

    The hosts are new servers running server2019 and the version of VMM is also 2019.

    The plan is to move VMs from our current hyperV cluster to this new one.

    I validated my cluster without issue and I have been moving non essential VMs from the old to the new cluster. A couple of weeks ago I started experiencing an issue with the cluster. All of the VMs on a particular host report "Host not responding"

    Despite this message the VMs work without issue, but I am unable to migrate the VMs to a different host. When I check the host it appears to be working ok but I cannot connect to hyperV within the host even though the services appear to be running. If I try and restart the host it fails to restart complaining that it cannot terminate failover cluster manager. The only method  I have found to resolve the issue is to power off the host. Once back up everything works fine.  

    I thought it may have been an issue with AV or backup software, but I have removed the AV and the backup software runs without issue every day whereas this error can take several days before it reoccurs. It can be any of the hosts that has this issue and it doesnt appear to correspond with certain VMs being run by the host.
    Monday, September 16, 2019 12:36 PM

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  • Hello,

    Is there any error code or message during the host not responding?

    You can view the following KB article, which introduces the procedures for troubleshooting the similar problems.


    Best regards,

    Andy Liu

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    Tuesday, September 17, 2019 2:12 AM
  • Hello I have been investigating further. It was over ten days before the issue reoccured.

    I cannot see anything in the logs which appears to point to why this has occurred. What I did notice when this issue last occurred was that the same two VMs were on the host at the time the VMs lost connection to host and on further checking the same two VMs have always been on the Host when the issue has occurred. 

    Today I migrated VMs so that I just had those two VMs running on the host. Within an hour I get the "host not responding" message within VMM. The VMs are still running and I am able to log on and I can ping the host from the VMs. Everything else in the cluster is fine

    The only way to resolve this will be to power the host off. I could try recreating the VMs using their disk files but I have to migrate another 90vms so if this is going to be a common issue this is going to take a lot of time.

    Monday, September 30, 2019 2:37 PM
  • Hello I am still getting this issue. Before the host stops responding I get this error.

    Error (2931)
    VMM is unable to complete the request. The VMM agent operation on the virtualization server 'HYPERV timed out.
    Unknown error (0x80338029)

    I also get an error relating to Windows remote Management and the error below:-

    Error (2931)
    VMM is unable to complete the request. The VMM agent operation on the virtualization server 'HYPERV7.chelmsford.chelmsfordbc' timed out.
    Unknown error (0x80338029)

    Checking the host I can see it no longer has a virtual switch.

    Each time one of my five hosts has this issue it is running a particular VM. The VM was migrated from our 2012 cluster and is running 64bit 2008. When the VM was on the old cluster we had no issues.

    Tuesday, October 8, 2019 8:25 AM
  • Hello Russel,

    Did you resolved this issue.?

    I am also having the same issue where the VMM shows "host not responding" and VMM and hyper-v functionalities are gone however the VMs and hosts, all are up and running.

    My scenario was I had 3 host in a cluster and I added 3 more new hosts without issues. Also able to migrate vm back and forth from new host to old and old to new. I faced this issue 3 times (with in 2 weeks, only with the new hosts, one new host at a time) and all 3 times I restarted the host and everything was fine. but I am afraid it will come back again after some time.

    I came across this post as well:

    having the same exact situation, I have followed the steps from the posted link today and hope it resolves the issue.

    Just wanted to know if you found any solutions to this. Any input will be appreciated.



    Monday, August 10, 2020 8:03 PM