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  • How does one remove Windows steadystate? I have used the add/remove in the control panel but it says  I can't remove while disk protection is on...turn off and try again...!?! I have all features turned off and still no go? Help of any kind would be grateful. I Can't update go on to the internet using IE7 Or even start my MSN,I also can't Update my comp from microsoft update all DL's Fail to install! I sort of feel like my comp has been Hijacked and it all started after I installed Steadystate. I was using F-secure internet ssecurity it failed and had to get a Removal tool emailed to me from F-secure support and now I am running the trial Onelivecare and now it isn't functionong either!!!!
    Tuesday, July 3, 2007 4:19 AM

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  • Hi,

    According to the problem description, there are many problems which may be unrelated to SteadyState. Considering the current situation, we can use the following action plan:


    1.     System Restore. If there are system restore point available, we can restore the system to the previous working state.

    2.     If System Restore does not work, we will need to troubleshoot why SteadyState could not be uninstalled.

    a.     Can you uninstall WDP properly? Do you receive any error messages during uninstallation? What is the status of WDP in SteadyState console?

    b.     According to the status of WDP:

                                              i.    OFF: Clean Boot to install WDP, uninstall it, and then uninstall SteadyState again.

                                             ii.    ON: Clean Boot to uninstall WDP and then uninstall SteadyState again.

                         Note: To perform a clean boot, please see:


    If the problem continues, we can collect the following information for further research. Meanwhile since the problem could be complicated, we may need to rebuild the system finally.


    1.     %windir%\wdf01001inst.log

    2.     Please perform the following steps to collect the MPS Report(Setup Version).

    a.       The setup version MPS tool can be downloaded from:

    b.      The log is written to a cab file under: %systemroot%\MPSReports\Setup\Reports\cab

    3.     %windir%\SCT.log


    You can send the log files to the workspace below:




    (Please choose "Standard" when uploading files.)
    WorkspaceURL:  ( )
    Password: NrggrN8_euBBh]z

    Thursday, July 5, 2007 7:32 AM