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  • Sharepoint 2013, Windows 7, IE 10.0.11, Chrome 31.0.1650

    I have a strange problem I am curious if anyone can shed some light on.

    We have a sharepoint library to which I have assigned a Custom Content Type of "Trip Reports".  I have made this content type the default and hidden the Document content type so they cant use it.

    When I use the upload document function on my desktop pc it will default me to the document content type and I have to use the drop down to change it to Trip Reports, enter my fields as required and hit save.  If I do this on another pc it defaults me to TripReports and no drop down.  

    I have flushed browser Cache, rebooted etc.  On my desktop, issue exists in IE and Chrome.  For another admin it works fine as well when he is logged in through IE.  

    Another item that may be related..  On the PC where it works ok the message I get is "the document was uploaded successfully and is checked out to you.  You must fill out any required properties and check it in before other users will be able to access it." but on my desktop where I default to the Document content type and have to change to Trip Reports it says. "The document was uploaded successfully.  Use this form to update the properties of the document".

    It may be related or not but the process i'm going through is testing a workflow that emails a notification when a doc is uploaded.  Its not working when I upload documents from my pc but works great when I upload from another desktop.

    So obviously something is a muck on my client but I can't see what.

    Monday, November 18, 2013 3:55 PM

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  • Only thing I can really offer is that you can completely remove the Document Content Type if you have no need for it.

    Andy Wessendorf SharePoint Developer II | Rackspace andy.wessendorf@rackspace.com

    Monday, November 18, 2013 5:21 PM
  • Update--- After some testing we discovered that we had two word docs that were both trip reports submitted via email in the past month.  One worked and one didn't.  That led us to the fact that one had custom properties added, one of which was a content type field with value Document.  So that explains why it was forcing it to show and use the Document Content Type.  

    Now that explains that part of it, however the workflow doesn't seem to be triggered in that scenario.  If I upload a document without those custom fields and complete the upload ok the workflow completes.  

    That to me sounds more of a bug.

    Monday, November 18, 2013 7:42 PM