[Forum FAQ] How to move Microsoft Antimalware folder of a SCEP client to another drive in Task Sequence

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  • If you want to redirect System Center Endpoint Protection 2012 R2 definition files to another drive, the Mklink could be a good option for that.

    In this article, we introduce how to move the Microsoft Antimalware folder to another drive through a Task Sequence. You can follow the steps below in Task Sequence:

    1. Create an empty folder in another drive

    In the Properties of Create a folder in another drive page, type the command below to the Command Line tab:

    cmd.exe /c md x:\xxxx (path)

    Figure 1.

    2. Creates a symbolic link named “Microsoft Antimalware” from the root directory to the directory created in step1.

    Under the Command line tab in Properties of the Mklink page, type the command below:

    cmd.exe /c Mklink /d /j “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Microsoft Antimalware” x:\xxxx

    Figure 2.

    3. Install SCEP client.

    Under the Command line tab in the Properties of the Install SCEP client page , type the command below:

    cmd.exe /c C:\Windows\ccmsetup\SCEPInstall.exe /s /q

    Figure 3.

    After running the Task Sequence on clients, the Microsoft Antimalware folder has been moved to the path you defined.

    From the figures below, we can see that the Microsoft Antimalware folder was moved to E:\EndpointProtection.

    Figure 4.

    Figure 5.

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