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  • I really need help with this please: since two days my keyboard and mouse are acting strange. Here's a few examples: when I press the backspace key in notepad it produces this: "     u*) ", when I press it twice the result is slightly different but similar. Each time accompanied by a beep from the machine. When I press the enter key it produces " X?WB                                                       P/////////////////////////////////////////////////" until I leftclick the mouse, then it stops. Second time result is similar but slightly different. Then the left-arrow key...it opens the calculator, or the printer-dialog.

    Now for the mouse: I can't seem to pull down vertical scrollbars, the scrollbars jump back up. The scrollwheel has the same effect. The only way to scroll down is to click continuously on the little "down"-arrow below the vertical scrollbar.

    I tried to do a system-restore to a previous date but when I select the date-version I want it jumps right back to the first item on the list, so I can't restore to anything but the first item. Anytime I want to select any item in any list it jumps back to selecting the first item.

    I figured the problem was my KB- and mousedrivers so I d.loaded newer versions, but when I install them I need to select my specific type of keyboard (Wireless natural Multimedia KB) from a list and this is impossible: I can't scroll down to the correct model, neither can I go down the list with the keyboard and then selecting the correct model by pressing the enter-button because of the above-mentioned problem (enter-key produces letters and beeps...). 

    It's a vista machine, my antivirus-scanner found nothing (Fsecure), spybotSD found only some cookies.

    Any help is greatly appreciated : )


    Friday, April 9, 2010 9:35 PM