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  • A friendly reminder that this forum is for questions and issues regarding
    Windows 10 Server Technical Preview, not for questions and issues regarding
    earlier versions of Windows Server.

    I realize that people want to help, and that currently this forum is fairly
    low volume, however, as newer build of Windows 10 server are released the
    activity level will increase and having to sort through posts that don't
    belong here is going to make it more difficult for those who want to use
    this forum for its intended purpose.

    The worst offenders here are the forum moderators. Please stop answering
    questions about previous versions of Windows Server that are posted here
    and start directing users to the correct forums.


    Paul Adare - FIM CM MVP
    Didn't bother to check the brand of disks -- with IDE, that's like
    to differenetiate between a Yugo and a Trabi. -- Brad Ackerman

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