Can domain administrator account be removed after installation


  • Hello, I found a technical link about service accounts for installation of Sharepoint 2016 but dont understand. Hope you help me. Thanks a lot !

    Three questions I would like to ask ? (Q. Embedded below) Thanks in advance.


    Setup user account (Install Account)

    The Setup user account is used to run the following:
    ◾ Setup
    ◾ SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard

    Domain user account. (Krossfarm\KF-Setup)  1) Enquiry: Can this account be removed after installation ? If it is removed, any drawback futher ? (upgrade later)

    Member of the Administrators group on each server on which Setup is run2) Does each server cover Domain Controller server, DNS server , SQL server .... any servers I missed ? Less administrative works if used Domain administrator . But it just violated least prillvege released.
    ◾ SQL Server login on the computer that runs SQL Server.

    ◾Member of the following SQL Server roles:
    ◾ securityadmin fixed server role
    ◾ dbcreator fixed server role


    3): If I have only one web front end: Sharepoint 2016 server, and the above service account has been removed after installation, can I then use the following account to manage the only one sharepoint site ?

    Server farm account ( Farm Admin Account)
    The server farm account is used to perform the following tasks: ◾ Configure and manage the server farm.
    ◾ Act as the application pool identity for the SharePoint Central Administration website.
    ◾ Run the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service.

    Domain user account and Local Admin On SharePoint Server. (Krossfarm\KF-farmadmin)

    Additional permissions are automatically granted for the server farm account on Web servers and application servers that are joined to a server farm.

    The server farm account is automatically added as a SQL Server login on the computer that runs SQL Server. The account is added to the following SQL Server security roles:
    ◾ dbcreator fixed server role
    ◾ securityadmin fixed server role
    ◾ db_owner fixed database role for all SharePoint databases in the server farm

    Thanks in advance.

    Monday, March 20, 2017 2:49 AM

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