custom label registry entry for virtual drive not taking affect? RRS feed

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  • I need someone that has an omnipotent knowledge of Vista! See the attached image and please excuse my wording as this has me quite frustrated.
    As you can see I have 6 virtual clone drives. Each has a custom icon but only 5 have a custom label. However, you can see from the registry that drive M has the exact same DefaultLabel key as the other 5 drives but its label is blank! 
    This is making the OCD in me go completely insane! I have tried everything I can imagine. I deleted all the virtual drives and uninstalled virtual clone drive and gone into the registry and deleted the driveicons keys then reinstalled virtual clone drive and end up with exactly the same thing! A key is created for each drive and each one has a defaultlabel key but only the M drives label is blank even though its registry key for defaultlabel is "Virtual CloneDrive"! 
    I hate vista and the windows registry from ****! What the **** is over writting the god damn defaultlabel on just the M drive! I mean what do I have to do wipe and reinstall windows to delete some obscure registry key that is somehow overriding the defaultlabel key for just the M drive? It's maddening because you cannot contact anyone at microsoft that could have any chance of understanding why this is happening!!!!!!!
    Thursday, February 2, 2012 1:43 PM