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        I am really a VMware guy, so I got one copy of System Center 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager, but I have three hosts, all running Hyper-V hypervisor 2012 R2 (means they are free), so I did some research, in order to manage these three hosts, I have to have three copies of System Center 2012 R2 for each host?  I was told by virtually anyone, in a big datacenter, to have comparable features, taking advantage of Microsoft free hypervisor dos not save $$$ compare to VMware, I am buffled!

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  • 1. There is one license across SC products. Visit forum that is more appropriate for SC "problems"

    2. Windows Hyper-V Server 2012 is free, however you cannot use it to install any software on it. It is "light" application. Every WS2012/R2 in VMs need to be licensed  unless you bought license for host and VM "licensing" is controlled by host license

    3. In WS2012R2 there is only ONE license, only host is licensed. You have the right to use TWO VM on Standard host and unlimited number of VM in datacenter. There is one nice feature from the point of view of licensing, namely the AVMA (see Technet). The above limits are for up to TWO physical CPUs.

    4. You are allowed to install SCVMM or similar program to manage VM. If you have another application on host, then the license reduces number of VMs.

    Example for TWO CPUs, one SC license and one Standard Server license (Application 1 and 2 are NOT VM management):

                  HOST                                  VM1                   VM2

        WS2012R2 Standard                Application 1        Application 2

         (License + Functionality)

        SCVMM 2012

    Example 2: 

           HOST                                        VM1                  

        WS2012R2 Standard                Application 1       

       (License + Functionality)

           Application 2  

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  • Thanks, I am familiar with 1,2,3, in my case, I am running Ubuntu Linux, and look for a cheap platform to run 400 Ubuntu VMs, no Windows OS as VM, I am looking to acquire 21 servers, 20 VMs for each server (Hyper-V hypervisor), the final server would have Windows Server 2012 R2 standard on it, I plan to use Hyper-V manager (the one comes with Windows Server), but if I pay a reasonable price, say $4000 to buy one copy of SCVMM, and this copy allow me to manager all 400 VMs?  or I have to pay $3000 for each SCVMM, and each SCVMM for all 20 servers? ($60,000) If the later is correct, I would just use VMware vSphere 5.5.  I mainly look to save the price by using free Hypervisor!
    Sunday, August 9, 2015 9:11 AM
  • This is a technical forum, not a legal forum.  A license is a legal agreement between you and Microsoft.  I question that your lawyers and auditors would accept responses from a technical forum on how to interpret a legal document.  Please contact a trained Microsoft licensing specialist to answer your questions.  www.Microsoft.com/licensing.

    Here is a link to some Microsoft licensing briefs - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Licensing/learn-more/volume-licensing-briefs.aspx

    Here is a link to information on System Center licensing - http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/Licensing/product-licensing/system-center-2012-r2.aspx

    It might help to read some of that information before contacting a trained Microsoft licensing specialist.

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