Got an exception in IE11 - 'This page can't be displayed' while accessing intranet website RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    We have published an intranet portal website to our external customers.

    Few of our website users occasionally get 'This page can't be displayed' exception while accessing our website. The HTTP request is in pending state for almost 10mins and then they get this exception. Ones they refresh - the page gets displayed without any issue.

    More details :

    - These users are in different LAN than the LAN on which our web-server is hosted.

    - They use IE11 on Windows 7 Operating system.

    - This exception occurs occasionally and not able to reproduce consistently. But they get it once or twice when they continuously use the website.

    - When the browser was waiting for the HTTP Response, there was no HTTP Request logged in our web-server.

    Below link is the network report capture when the exception happened using IE11 F12 Inspection add-on.

    IE11 F12 Network report

    Note: Earlier our users had accessed our website using IE8 and Windows XP. Now their system was upgraded to Windows7 and IE11. after which they face this issue.

    We want to find - if this is a network issue or is it an issue with the browser / OS or totally something else.

    When I searched in the net about this issue - some mentioned that this issue will not occur with Chrome or Firefox because they cache DNS and IE doesn't and relies on the OS to do the DNS caching (I am not clear about this).

    Tuesday, September 30, 2014 2:29 AM