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  • Hello,

    I have a strange problem with the newest build of Windows 10. I installed the windows 10 x64 on my old laptop (2gb RAM DDR2, Intel core2 duo x64 T5800 2GHZ processor).

    I also have the latest build on my work computer (desktop PC, 4gb RAM, Intel celeron E3300 2.5 GHZ).

    The problem which I have is quite strange. I don't have these problems on my work computer first at all. On that computer I installed first the x64 9841 build and then the computer automatically updated it to x64 9879 build.

    So, let me explain the problem. After installation of 9879 build on my laptop, my explorer crashes without any information and restarts. I don't quite have any log in eventvwr.msc and more importantly, I cannot install firefox on the computer from explorer. When I use the explorer to navigate to the install setup and i double click it nothing happens. (I can right click--->open, or run it as administrator but nothing is happening). The only way in which I am able to start the setup is to run it from command prompt, from where it works without any problem. Also, I have problem with IE. When I start IE it does not load any page. I can open a new tab and write any address but it does not open anything. I don't get any error (no connection and so on) just a blank page. The IE says that the page is unresponsive. In task manager the IE has just around 5 Mb of memory used and it does not increase no matter if I leave it for hours.

    The strange fact is that I don't have any of these problems on my work PC. Could be a laptop problem? The point is that I had before W7 on the laptop which worked without any problem. No any setup error, and so on. The firefox install file works on my work pc and on w7 (the other laptop).

    I don't have any pending updates.

    Did anyone of you had this problem?

    Thank you in advance for any comments,

    Best regards,

    Treitli Sebastian

    Monday, December 1, 2014 9:19 AM

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  • Hello again,

    Since nobody suggested me anything I came back with a short update on the problem.

    The last updates via Windows update solved my problem with explorer.exe. There is no any issue with the explorer anymore. I am able to launch the installation files and browse the computer without any crashing of the explorer.

    However the problem with the internet explorer is not solved. Even if I don't use it I still try report this issue.

    Regarding the internet explorer, the problem consists in the fact that that after computer start up, I can launch internet explorer but does not load anything. Just a blank page, I am able to open new tab but does not load any address which I type in. In the task manager it uses around 5 MB and no error is given. I saw (by mistake when my wifi router restarted) that if I disconnect the internet, IE will give me a no connection error. After this, if I reconnect, it will work with no problem. Moreover, if I close the IE and restart it with the internet connected, it will work. However, if I restart the computer (during startup it connects to the wifi) and start again the IE the problem is still there as it was described above. Again, if I disconnect the internet, I get the connection error from IE and then it will work till the next restart.

    I strongly believe that actually is not a problem of the IE itself but a windows service which fail to give some access for the IE (I am not good at explanation since I am not programmer/computer technician).

    Anyone had this strange problem? Does anyone has any idea what could be the problem?

    Thank you in advance,

    Best regards,

    Treitli Sebastian

    Tuesday, December 16, 2014 8:40 AM