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  • I'm posting under a different account than the one I'm having trouble with... as I can't login under that account to post here.

    went to login today with my business account
    and the notification got sent to my phone as usual, except it didn't come through, so i retried several times.
    when I didn't finally get a notification, Microsoft Authenticator stated...

    "The notification is for an account that is no longer available. You may need to add the account again."

    I'm not sure why it would say this as I have an active Office 365 account and I can still check email for the account in the Outloook iphone app.

    I tried adding my WORK account again to Microsoft Authenticator... but then it said that "my account provider will display a QR code" (or enter code manually)... I am the account admin for our org... if I can't sign in, how am I supposed to send a QR code?

    I tried logging in by entering the security code... MS authenticator app gives me the same error.

    I tried logging in by having it call me, but it said "you cannot login at this time"

    I tried changing my password, which reset... but everytime I try to login it wants to use MS Authenticator, which gives me the same error as above.

    This seems like an endless circle. How is an admin supposed to login with MS Authenticator if its telling me my account is no longer available.... and the app makes it impossible to add the account again.

    I hope these error codes help...

    Error Code: 500121
    Request Id: 594f7991-2080-47a5-a3e9-f1844cd7bd02
    Correlation Id: a1a3bb79-6812-4606-afa5-abd1834f55a6
    Timestamp: 2019-12-11T17:51:27Z

    Error Code:  500121 
    Request Id:  9938066b-5f20-42ac-8fc0-15f76201b601 
    Correlation Id:  febb9602-02d5-41d6-a480-7551542afee0 
    Timestamp:  2019-12-11T18:08:18Z 

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